Aquauphilia - Potomac Cover Art
  1. Eclipse1 (Potomac) The Sunrise Review
  2. Great Falls (Potomac) The Sunrise Review

Aquaphilia cohesed as a project framework during the Hybrid Solar Eclipse on the morning of November 3, 2013, a short way from where a spring emerges from the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia. As the water made its way to the Opequon and then Potomac River it was followed by bicycle. The path lead to the C&O Canal, a historic by-way which ferried goods and people from Pennsylvania to Washington D.C. Over the course of a week the watershed of the Potomac River from Shepherdstown, WV to Washington D.C. was used as a studio for this project, it's waters and banks inspiring improvisational performances for the Guitar and Tabla and yielding two recordings. The music explores the intersection of Indian and American lapsteel techniques and serves as a groundwork for expanding the project to more watersheds around the country. 



39° 25' 38.46" N, 77° 48' 26.6652" W
38° 58' 55.704" N, 77° 13' 50.5596" W
39° 24' 19.7028" N, 77° 57' 7.0056" W

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