Hijaz in D


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This tune utilizes the Turkish Maqam Hijaz in a meter that switches between 7 and 8 with a final section of 6. Joining me on this piece is the Brown Chicken Brown Cow String Band and Geoff Metts from Western Aerial. The Brown Chicken Brown Cow String Band joined me for American Thanksgiving in 2010 during my residency at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology to record this piece. Recording took place over 3 days in the Boyden Studio at the Sitka Center next to a woodstove for heat and resulted in this and a recording for my piece Sunrise Blues. Accompanied by a light dusting of snow and warm nights around the fire the tune began to take shape with Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Violin and Upright Bass. On New Years Day 2011, a crisp winter afternoon, Geoff Metts added to the textures with Electric Slide Guitar and operated the talk box while I played the main melody on Electric Guitar. It's not everyday that you get to play through a talk box with an Appalachian string band!

The musicians on this recording are: Graham Smith-White - Acoustic Guitar, Doumbek, Electric Guitar w/ Talk Box Justin Morris - Banjo Xander Hitzig - Violin Orion Hitzig - Mandolin Matt del Omo - Bass Geoff Metts - Electric Slide Guitar Engineered by Graham Smith-White
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Recording Location
Sitka Center
United States
45° 2' 51.0396" N, 123° 59' 32.8992" W
Compostion Location
United States
28° 37' 31.8504" S, 153° 35' 44.6424" E

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