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Album Relase - River East, River West

The Sunrise Review releases Pacific EP #1 - River East, River West
A series of solar-powered music recordings inspired by the Pacific Ocean.

February 2012 - Portland, OR. – The Sunrise Review is a music project of Graham Smith-White that features natural spaces as studios. Since 2005, Smith-White has been composing music inspired by scenic, natural settings, in essence a soundtrack for landscapes. Solar powered recording equipment allows those spaces to function as a recording studio as well, capturing the ambiance of the natural features through music and sound.

“I was inspired to approach my life work as a musician in a way that incorporates the amazing experiences I have hiking, surfing, climbing, etc. . ”
-Graham Smith-White

The inaugural series from The Sunrise Review is the Pacific project, a collection of music inspired by the Pacific Ocean, written during regular surfing endeavors in Australia. The first EP of this music was recorded on the Oregon coast at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology during an artist residency.

River East, River West features the mixed Middle Eastern and Americana style prevalent in Smith-White's compositions. Additional collaborators on the project include the Brown Chicken Brown Cow String Band and Portland guitarist Geoff Metts of Western Aerial. Visual artists Catherine Chauvin and Mindy Chaffin contributed to the collaboration with album artwork and a ceramic drum, respectively. Following a successful fan funding campaign through, recording for the second EP, Palms & Pines, wraps up in March and will see a late spring release. Unfinished music started during the residency at the Sitka Center will be completed in Hawaii, further developing themes in the music and project concept.

The Sunrise Review is a music project for all ages which incorporates renewable energy and sustainability. More information is available on-line at